What is Cat Window Perch?

The Cat Window Perch is a matchless indoor sleeping or resting area your cat will cherish. No gears are essential to accumulate when you use the Velcro attachments, or it can be screwed onto a facade for a more everlasting placement. The Cat Window Perch is a fantastic spongy sleeping or relaxing area that also comprises the support of orthopedic foam.

It is great for all cats, but particularly useful to arthritic or senior cats because of the orthopedic foam. It is made to satisfy cats ‘love for the outer view.

Cats find themselves irresistible looking out the window, and can do so in ease with the Cat Window Perch. This bed embodies advanced manufacturing for strength and ease, and falls in a striking oval design. It also exemplifies twin thermostat heating covered deep within the super spongy orthopedic foam that is not fixed for year-round relieve. This heater is fixed or set to keep the sleeping surface 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature, and tepid to your kitty’s natural body temperature when she rests on it.

Window Cat Perch

Fashionable cat window perches, shelves and ledges bestow her bird’s eye view. From cat siestas in the sun to vigorously inspecting the world outside, these window seats are comfy beds that with no trouble fasten to the window sill. Our well-built, self-supporting or window-mounted pet perches offer the ideal place to calm down. Window shelves connect without tools and more everlastingly with screws.

Homdox Cat Perch is easy to assemble and very supportive and strong regarding weight capacity. Cover is easy to wash by removing it.

The Cat Window Perch is a supreme resting area for cats because it presents the outdoor sight from almost any window surface. It is also favorable for senior and aching cats due to the orthopedic foam, which assists with joint soreness and inflexibility.

Homdox Cat Perch is easy to install and have various colors and designs. It is not heavy on your pocket and gives you countless advantages. It can be fitted easily and relocate as well with no trouble. The innovative Homdox Cat Perch is a unique design that’s certain to delight your Kitty Cat. The Homdox Cat Perch is made of tough weather-resistant material, an “effortless clean” cozy fabric that your cats will feel affection for. It easily accumulates to any window to let your cat to take pleasure in the nice sun and stay off of your furniture.