Self Storage Facilities Under a Single Network

Self storage is the burgeoning industry that is brimming with possibilities today. According to Wikipedia, “Self storage is an industry in which storage space, also known as “storage units” is rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis.” This industry is based mainly on USA with about 42,000 to 52,000 facilities in the country. With ever growing rivalry in this industry, it is becoming hard for the customer the appropriate, resourceful and reliable self storage service for them. With the advent of internet epoch, this onerous work has been virtualized and with a few keystrokes on your keyboard you can find all the information you need. There are dedicated websites for all the major facilities providing self storage company. But a website has integrated services provided by thousands of companies in one place.

Their journey started in 1993 with limited functionality involving self storage. Since then their focus has been to provide best price, secure property management systems, clean facilities, easy access and professional customer service. With the evolution of internet and their business in the year 2010 the website came out with incorporated online support for shopping and payment. Now it is a powerful comparison shopping self storage network spanning business over USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. They currently have more than 10,000 self storage facilities with over 2,000,000 storage units available in these regions and it is ever growing. If you want to market and advertise your self storage facility to the world, you can do it for free here. If you are a customer and looking for storage unit, car storage, boat storage or RV (recreational vehicles) storage, you can do it here by tweaking many parameters to narrow your search result and get the storage to your need. If you are a business person or a student you can also suit your need here effortlessly and productively.

To search storage units near you is easy among thousands of facilities and their offers. You can use your city name to search. And even use the ZIP code of your region to have precise search result. For example, you can search for ZIP code 30312, which is in Atlanta, USA and get the relevant result. There are 3 categories of sizes, small, medium and large, to chose from to further narrow your search results get what you need. As mentioned earlier, 4 types of storages can also be chosen from. Search results can also be sorted by distance or by lowest price. All the necessary and relevant information about a facility can be obtained by just clicking- price, location, special offer, unit size and so on. And it is backed by Google map, so it is even easier to pinpoint the location. Simple, productive, time-saving.