Online Business

Private consumers are gaining access to products, that due to their locations, they would normally not have access to or they would have to travel to purchase these products. The access to the internet by more people has motivated merchants to expand where they sell their products.

The average vineyard had previously depended solely on consumers coming to their vineyards to purchase their products. There are store that sell only wine and accessories. Many consumers are now able to purchase the same wine products online. With the internet’s popularity growing, businesses have gotten laws changed to allow the selling of alcohol online. Many vineyards are now expanded their sales to include online sales.

Online Business

The Gold Medal Wine Club, an online company, offers all the same merchandise that you can buy in a vineyard as well as many other items. Gold Medal Wine Club’s store has a large selection of wine to choose from. They are a merchant that was never a physical location. The Gold Medal Wine Club came about because of the internet.  Their owner saw a market of consumers that were unable to get to locations, such as vineyards. These consumers wanted that product and at the same quality as those at the vineyards.

The selling of merchandise online has allowed merchants, other than those dedicated solely to that one product or that class of products, to sell those products. is an online grocery store that sells wine and wine accessories. Grocery stores do not specialize in any one product. Ebay is another company that does not specialize in anyone one product but sells wine.

Online shopping is allowing merchants to sell items that they do not specialize in. The more merchants that are able to sell the items that they do not specialize in, the fewer consumers have to go to specialty stores.