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Tata Housing is entering the residential property market in a big way. It has created a wholly owned subsidiary called Tata Value Homes (TVH) to take the lead on the residential projects. In November 2014, TCH entered into an exclusive deal with to launch Tata Homes in the affordable housing section. in turn offered its proprietary tool called ‘Slice View’ to help end users examine a virtual version of the completed project. This tool allows end users to isolate floors and examine it in entirety, complete with all apartment details. Then the end user can select apartments based on their position and examine them even more closely. If the buyer likes what he sees, he can make a payment using the secure channel built within the apartment view. This payment automatically locks that apartment for booking.

TATA Value Homes

Why Did Tata Venture into Residential Property Market?

When the property market was hit by recession a few years ago, builders started seeking alternatives to “beat the blues”. They approached the end users in domestic as well as the international markets for more options. The demand that emerged as a result can best be categorized in 2 sections: affordable and luxury. Soon builders with means and skills were zeroing in on all the prime territories to offer affordable as well as luxury housing projects.

This was the opportune time for Tata Housing to take its cue. The company has the means and the experience in construction business. It was waiting for the right opportunity to make a move. Therefore as soon as the market conditions started improving by the end of 2014, the company decided to introduce its first batch of affordable housing projects in collaboration with

Now- a few months down the line- it has introduced a different category of projects in other cities as well.

Tata Venture in Luxury Housing

In the second step, Tata Housing has introduced luxury properties in Mumbai and Gurgaon. However the project in Gurgaon is definitely a world class offering, the likes of which are few and far apart. Tata Primanti is being built over an area of 36 acres. Out of the 36 acres, builders have planned to keep 80% of the area open air and building free! A total of 1101 units are being offered in this project. They range from apartments to bungalows.

One can gauge the expanse of the project by the fact that the minimum area of a unit is approximately 2100 square feet. The maximum floor area can easily notch 8500 square feet. Private elevators are offered for many units as well. If one were to think of a comparable project, none other than the Trump Towers comes to mind.

Interestingly, at the same time Tata housing has also decided to mark its presence in tier I cities. It has launched a project in Bhubaneshwar and Kalyan respectively. Kalyan is the new property hotspot in the vicinity of Mumbai where prime builders from across the country are converging. Tata has made its mark by the announcement of Tata Amantra which is an offering meant for the middle income groups. The units here are prices between Rs. 40 and Rs. 80 lacs.

In Conclusion

To learn more about Tata Housing projects, an end user can visit and explore the ‘New Projects’ section.