How Your Company Can Enjoy the Convenience of Mobile Shredding Devices

On the way to work, most people are focused on their mental “to-do” lists and their goals for the day. They are more interested with making sure that they are clocking in on time and wondering what they are going to eat for lunch a few hours later. However, they are not aware that their very means of living can be a gateway for financial troubles. With all of the reports and other documents that need to be filed and reviewed, documents that may have classified and sensitive information contained within them, the last thing on the minds of most office personnel is the possibility of having their information being placed in the wrong hands, resulting in chaos.


Not only can this happen to your employees, but what about the sensitive documents and information of the millions of customers that your company may serve? What about all of the social security numbers or the millions of credit card and bank account numbers that are transported from desk to desk or left in unsecured filing cabinets? Or even worse, lying in a waste basket where they become fair game.

With the continuous boom of technology, it is becoming increasingly important to have a safe and secure way to discard sensitive information. The best way to handle this is to procure shredding services for your company by means of mobile shredders. There were approximately 11,000 reported cases of identity theft between January and March of 2014. Of those cases, there was approximately $12.9 million dollars lost. Now, think of your company and how much money that can be saved just by taking proactive measures by hiring a mobile shredder service for your company! There was even a reported case where even law enforcement officials are now utilizing mobile shredding services to destroy records after a former police chief was found submitting fraudulent time sheets. Perhaps these time sheets were lying around simply waiting to be placed into the wrong hands are not discarded properly. Could you imagine that happening in your own company? It is becoming a growing need for companies to have mobile shredders for the safety of their employees.

One of the benefits of having mobile shredding services is that the information is not only destroyed, but the paper is also recycled. Having this service will turn your company into a green company, helping to take care of the environment. By destroying the documents and re-using the paper that once held sensitive information, your company can also save trees in addition to protectingvital employeeinformation. Also, shredding reduces the volume of landfill waste by 75% and the paper can also be used for other environmental preserving services, such as bedding for animals and a replacement for charcoal.

Some professional shredding companies, such as Absolute Destruction (head over to to learn more), even provide the destruction of electronic data. There is an increasingly growing number of people using credit and debit cards, as well as more and more companies that are going green and conducting business via the internet as opposed to using the postal service and sending and receiving information in print. Although this method of business and e-commerce is environmentally friendly, the risks of identity theft are much higher because of the instantaneous swiping of an unsuspecting consumer’s information. With all of the benefits of mobile shredders and the included services detailed above, it’s safe to say that this form of discarding sensitive documents and information is the biggest and best investment for your company, saving you thousands, if not millions of dollars as well as livelihoods!