Go International! Sell Your Product to the Worldwide Village

Go International

If you are advertising your quality product or facility in any country, you should be marketing it in every country. Going International is more than growing your access to clients. It’s a formula for grow profits, greater entrance to Private Location financing, better controller over your taxes and a wiser leaving strategy.


you can sell more excellence products to more people in the International Village than in your country. Your excellence product or facility may be in greater request in another country or may knowledge a higher charge than in your country.

Your transfers can earn you costs in free-trading moneys like the Euro or the Yen. Moneys that you can usage to produce your company, since they are recognized as payment for goods and facilities anywhere in the Global.


Governments fund international corporations ready to build factories for transfers that create limited jobs. Money is often in the form of donations that pay 50% of your plant progress costs or low interest loans that cover 75% of your plant progress costs. If you aren’t a international, you are overlooking millions of dollars in free cash or low interest credits.

Go International

Raising risk wealth from private stockholders needs that your company is sincere. The only way that foreign stockholders can decide that your company is sincere is to be able to purchase your product or facility in their country. If you are looking for investment in Europe or America, you must be marketing your excellence products or facilities in Europe and America.

In addition to reliability, your company must offer possible investors influence and liquidity to entice risk capital. It’s far cooler to take public a international corporation rather than a national company.


You must pay your national taxes on your national revenues. However, you have far more choices when it comes to giving your company income taxes on your International Village income. You can track the model of American and European international corporations and choose the tax authority for your transfer sales. This means that you can change over half of your tax duty on this income into after-tax returns.

Exit Strategy

You will think about least four times more money marketing a publicly traded corporation than a national company. If your corporation trades in Europe or the States, you will be funded in Euros or US Dollars. The cause is that a public firm’s share price is nearly always a multiple of that firm’s balance sheet value.

It’s easy to verify this public firm axiom for yourself. Pick any ten corporations trading on the U.S. NASDAQ. Get their last checked filing from the U.S. Safeties and Exchange EDGAR website. Then go to any online Stock Quote Website and see their present share price and delivered shares. Multiply the company’s present share price by the number of delivered shares and you have the Market Capitalization of that corporation. It’s the Market Capitalization that is the cost of the public corporation. But it is not balance sheet. Using at all business review formula you choose, regulate the value of each corporation to decide its sale price as a secluded company. Compare these statistics with the public corporation’s Market Capitalization. You’ll understand that a public corporation is almost always costly far more than a private corporation.