Don’t Go into a Long Distance Move Unprepared, Work with a Moving Company Instead

Long distance moving companies in Canada offer assistance during one of the most stressful times of your life. If you are planning on leaving Toronto and relocating to Ottawa, Montreal, across the country or even into the United States, don’t do it alone. Statistics indicate that long distance moving can be as stressful as a divorce, or a death in the family. Having a professional moving company to help with the packing and planning of this pivotal moment in your life can make your transition that much smoother. Save yourself the stress and hire a great team who can help.

The average content of a moving truck for a long-distance move is estimated at around 6,900 poundsor the equivalent of 345 watermelons. Can you imagine transporting all of that stuff alone across the country? Instead of renting a vehicle, packing up the contents of your home and transporting it onto a truck (and driving it across the country), you can take a back seat this time. Long distance movers are there to organize your packing and storage needs, which they always have in mind. If you have multiple stops during the way or need to temporarily store your belongings, the best companies will be amendable to anything. Best of all, they can keep you on schedule and will have insurance coverage in place. This protects you against any accidental theft, damage or injury that could occur. When the stakes are this high, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


The average long-distance move is estimated at 1,100 kilometers. Today, it’s a sad fact that many young people are expected to relocate for work. Recent Canadian employment statistics have indicated that 46 percent of all long distance moves are job-related. When deciding which long distance mover to work with, look for a licensed company who will involve you in every step of the process. Packing can be included with a moving estimate and you should take advantage of whatever additional services will assist you. If you are planning on relocating away from your friends and family, take this time to say your goodbyes, instead of boxing up your home.

No matter what the reason is for your upcoming long-distance move – work, school, family, love, finances – the right moving company will assist you in your transition. Perform your due diligence and look up the best moving companies in your area. If you’re in Toronto, consider Rent-A-Son Long Distance moving services. This local company is experienced at transporting their client’s belongings to Montreal, Ottawa and beyond. They offer pre-packing services and temporary storage. Best of all, simply by calling for an initial consultation you can take advantage of their price-match guarantee.

By comparing and contrasting a few local movers, you can see what services they offer and how their estimate stacks up against their competitors. You are putting your valuable belongings into someone else’s hands. And you want to make sure that your movers transport your stuff in a safe, efficient and amicable manner. It may sound cheesy, but you can tell a lot about a business from their personal interactions with you. There is a great moving company out there who will make your upcoming relocation a good experience. Once you work with long distance movers, you’ll never want to do it on your own again. Best of all, you no longer have to.