Classic Children’s Party Games – the Old Ones Are Still the Best

There’s nothing which is quite so much fun as a birthday party, well, if you are a child that it. Whereas adults tend to meet their advancing years with dread children can’t wait to notch up another year. To them it’s all about the gifts, the promise of being able to start new schools, new activities, new freedoms and of course – their birthday party with the games, fun and goodies which go with it.

Classic Children’s Party Games

Not so many years ago there were no clowns or magicians for hire, no bouncy castles or face painting and no computer games. Back then it was all about traditional party games.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the classics – who knows, children will always be children and could still enjoy the experience of parties from yesteryear.

Passing the Parcel – it doesn’t really matter about the value of the prize, the fun is in the game with the gift at the end just an added extra. All you have to do is to wrap up a small, inexpensive gift in multiple layers of gift wrap, sit the children in a circle and have some music ready. As the music plays the children pass the parcel around the circle but when the music stops the child can remove a layer of the gift wrapping paper. As soon as the music re-starts the parcel must once again be passed around the circle. The child who reveals the prize gets to keep it.

Classic Children’s Party Games

Balloon Busting – place very small gifts or candies inside balloons then blow them up. Place the balloons in a laundry basket or similar before the party and allow the children to choose one balloon each. All they have to do is to burst their balloon to retrieve the prize. They are not allowed to use their hands, they have to burst them using their bottoms by sitting on them on a chair, the floor, the sofa or anywhere else they can think of. Prepare for lots of giggling before the inevitable bangs.

Smell and Hear It Game – wrap a few jam jars in paper so that you can’t see through them and fill them with different objects. You may choose something like vanilla or cinnamon, paper clips or pennies. The children try to identify the contents of the jars by smell or by sound – shaking the jars with the lids firmly attached. This is a great game for older children and even adults can join in.

Memory Tray – place a selection of normal, everyday household items onto a tray – things like a toothbrush, a coin, a pencil sharpener, a teaspoon etc. Use a smaller number of items for younger children and give them a chance to view the tray then cover with a cloth and remove one of the items. The children have to remember which item has disappeared. You can keep going until all the items have gone and all of the children have had their turn.

Classic Children’s Party Games

Prize Wheels – these are invaluable for birthday parties and can be used in many different games. You can either write an activity, prize or forfeit on each section of the wheel for each child to spin and see what they win or what activity they must do. There really are endless possibilities for games with this type of equipment and they can be incorporated into many other types of party game.

There’s a good selection of prize wheels for sale at The beauty of this type of product is that it can be used over and over in many different ways year upon year upon year.