Best Ways to Create Social Media Buzz Before Your Tradeshow Event

A successful social media buzz before your tradeshow event may increase your chances of a successful exhibition. Though there are quite a number of strategies you can use, success is never guaranteed, and a lot of caution is necessary if you don’t want it to be an exercise in futility.

Here are a few ideas you can try out to create some buzz prior to your show:

Know the hashtag for the show

By knowing the right hashtag for the show, it will be easier for your show followers to track and find the content you share with them. Since they can also re-share the content, there are chances of the hashtag going viral and attracting loads of attention before the event.


Share a teaser video

This is important if you will be rolling out a new product which your customers or social media followers still don’t know about. Get the teaser video out in time and accompany it with the right hashtags to get people sharing it and creating more buzz around the event.

Have special landing pages for the show on your website

Rather than using your main page, it will be more refreshing to create a special landing page just for the show and have people sign up, make appointments, watch new product videos, and sign up for emails as well as text notifications.

Consider working with influencers

Since it is social media, you should also consider working with influencers. You can reach out to the leading social media personalities in your niche and have them attend the event or simply let them endorse your product or services, and have them share them amongst their followers. Due to the large followings the influencers have, there will be higher chances of your hashtag going viral and creating even more buzz about the event.