5 Ways of Short Hair Styles

With so many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway spotting the short hair, it has become the new fashion trend. Short hair isn’t for everyone, but I always look up to those who can pull it off.

When it comes to style your short hair, it all boils down to adding volume and texture. Making it look straight and sleek or bold with curls.

So here are 5 ways to style your short hair this season:

Messy Morning Look: Spray some beach spray throughout your hair until damp. Then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch to add curl and shape. Twist the remaining straight pieces of your hair and you are good to go.


Classic Girl Look: Use your ironing rod to straighten your bangs and give you a more professional look to hit your corporate space in your new avatar.

Curl it Up: Use a curling iron to give this look. (Curling Tip: you should hold the iron vertically to get long and narrow curl and horizontally for a more “bouncy” look. For something in the between hold it diagonally.

Bohemian Look: Add a headband or two. You can experiment by adding layers and colors of headband to get the Bohemian look

Braiding: Braiding is simple and one of the fastest ways to add the extra element of style you’re your hair. You can add different sizes of braids and decorate it with sparkling accessories to get a Chic Look

You can go all out change and experiment with your short hair. Styling your short hair is all about giving up the traditional look and trying something completely new. It could be just styling it or changing it from traditional bob to asymmetrical bob, long bob, pixie cut or even changing its color.

So you ahead all feel the change. To a more beautiful and independent you!