3 Unique Ways to Captivate Attendees During a Tradeshow

Tradeshows involve face-to-face marketing, and this is a unique concept that even some of the most refined brand ambassadors sometimes fail at. For your business to be successful at the expo floor, you must device compelling and effective ways of engaging with your attendees, as part of the face-to-face marketing. Below are three different strategies to get that conversation going with the attendees at your booth-:

Be direct

By being direct, you become candid about your intentions the very moment you engage the attendees in a conversation. With this approach, you cut the unnecessary fat from the conversation, save time both for the staff and the attendee and it shows that you are confident about the products or services you are offering. Being direct is an awesome way to know if the products or services are the right fit for the attendee’s needs.


Lead the interaction

Instead of letting the attendee control the conversation, take charge of the situation and lead the interaction. As you guide the conversation, it will be easier to pinpoint the attendee’s needs quickly and allow them to examine if your products or services will be beneficial to them in any way. In this manner, it will be easy for them to know whether they are wasting time at your booth and this will also save you time since you will have more time with the targeted attendees that are passionate about your products or services.

Entice with a giveaway

People love free stuff, especially during exhibitions. If you have some impressive promotional stuff to give away, be sure to talk about it in your opener. This method will attract the attendees who might not be familiar with your company and never had any intentions of stopping at your booth. It will bring brand new eyes to your company, out of which you can get quality prospects for future marketing.