3 Unique Ways to Add Flair to Your Blog

In 2013 experts estimated that there were 152 million blogs on the internet and the amount has grown considerably since then. This is a testimony to the fact that anyone can start a blog but if you’re really serious about your blog you need to add flair.

Flair is what will attract visitors to you top inventions site as opposed to someone else’s site.

But how do you add flair? Here are 3 unique methods:

  1. Check Your Sidebar

The sidebar is where visitors will usually find the shortest route to all the different content on your site. It’s important but not more important than the actual content.

You need to keep the content list short and easy to navigate with the side bar taking as little room as possible. Look at each item on your current sidebar and then decide if it really should be there. For example if you are telling people about the best extreme destinations your sidebar doesn’t need to show these destinations, that’s what the specific page is for.

In effect the sidebar is to help your visitor find information but any more than the topic in the sidebar link should lead you to question whether it needs its own page.


  1. Blog Right

Blogs are a great way to share thoughts, feelings and direct visitors to the information they need. However blogs can also be a distraction to visitors and your site especially if they are not properly supervised.

The first thing you need to do is consider what categories each of your blog pages fit into. If a specific blog fits more than one category then there’s a good chance that it’s not doing the job that you want it to.

Consider your categories as the individual topics relevant to your site and design each blog page to fit one of your categories. This will help visitors to find their way round your site and to the info they need.

Don’t be afraid to add colors and tags to each blog page that help to identify the category, simple tricks such as color coding can really help a visitor to locate the most relevant information.

  1. Revise Your Technology

The technology behind the web is constantly evolving. This means that a website can quickly appear dated. You need to stay aware of what the latest apps are offering, the design trends and the best fonts. The result will be a site that looks and feels modern at all times, showing any visitor that you are both serious and know what you are doing.

This will inspire confidence which will help to convince a visitor to purchase whatever you are selling. Of course you need to make it obvious what you are selling. You should aim to keep any visitor on your site for as long as possible by having plenty of internal links to keep them interested. Combine this with some well positioned and highlighted calls to action and you’ll have a blog that stands out from the crowd for the right reasons.